Taxis are your transportation quick fix

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If you have no car, it’s no problem. Red Cab Co. has a fleet of taxis ready to take care of all your transportation needs.

A cab is a convenient way to travel if you are without a car. Our professional drivers can drive you to your destination in one of our clean, comfortable vehicles.

Red Cab’s large fleet of vehicles includes late model sedans and vans. All are kept clean, smoke-free, and in good mechanical condition. Our company has been serving greater Orange County and the Pomona Valley for over 60 years.

Residents who want to save money by not having a car can rely on taxi service for transportation when they need it. Use Red Cab for everyday errands, appointments, shopping, and any time you need a lift. Cabs can be reserved day or night, 24/7.

Visitors to National City or the Chula Vista area can catch a cab from the airport to local hotels and businesses. Red Cab is a cost-effective way for travelers to get around during a vacation or business trip. Red Cab has corporate rates, too.

If your vehicle is in the repair shop or otherwise out of service, use a taxi as your temporary transportation until your vehicle is repaired. Cabs can be less costly than rental cars for short trips around town and to work while your vehicle is being fixed.

If you need a ride to the airport, call a cab. Having a cab take you to and from the airport, instead of parking your car there, enables you to save on costly airport parking fees. Hiring your own cab is also more convenient than taking a shuttle or bus to the airport.

Any time you need transportation, Red Cab’s taxi cabs are at your service. Call or go online to reserve a cab.

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